World Autism Awareness Week 17

Today is officially World Autism Day. A day we celebrate those round pegs. Those of us who see the world in a different way to most. Louder, bigger, brighter. Those who’s thoughts can take them far away from the rest of us. Who might cover their ears and close their eyes when it’s too loud, too big, too bright. 

I can hear Kyle and Ned downstairs watching videos on YouTube of “going to the cinema” social stories preparing for two weeks time when we will take him for the first time. We will be prepared for the snack buying and ticket collecting and the darkened room and big screen. We will talk him through it again and again and we will be ready to bail if it becomes too much. We think he will love it but you can never be sure. Nothing is ever sure. I hope we will be treated with kindness and I hope that because of days like today, and events like AUT:CTION, and because of people like you, if, 3 minutes into the film, we are in fact on the escalator going up and down and eating popcorn rather than watching said film, someone will see and they’ll know. No judgement. Just a mental high five to a mama doing her best in difficult circumstances. There are lots of mothers and fathers of children (grown up or little ones) with autism who follow us here at Ned In The Clouds. Today is your day and the day of your children. Celebrate them. Wrap yourself up in them. Them and the absolute madness that is this life because it is wonderful and scary and hard and beautiful and in case no one has told you lately, you’re doing a great job.

Pssst. AUT:CTION 3 is happening on our Instagram page @nedintheclouds. We are raising funds for The National Autistic Society throughout April. Please join us and get involved! 


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