He has no idea of course. No idea about the AUT:CTION project. No idea that hundreds of people came together to do something wonderful this week. No idea that dolls have been made in his image to raise money. No clue that incredible makers and artists and business owners donated beautiful items and amazing experiences for us to auction. He couldn’t understand that people bid on the items above and beyond the amount they could buy them for because they just wanted to give. To be involved in something amazing. I couldn’t explain to him the concept of a raffle, of 50 prizes given to us, for nothing, just given to us to give away out of kindness and love, or that people could buy tickets and that they did. My goodness they did. I couldn’t explain to him the kindness of strangers.That he will learn by himself one day. 

Because people are good. When you speak to a lot of families every day who have a child on the spectrum, you often hear the sad stories. Of dirty looks and no party invites. Of judgement in the supermarket. Of not being included in family events because you need things to be a certain way or because it always ends in tears. 

I have a story to tell them now. A story of how people do care. And don’t judge. And do want to do something. And who are good. 

In total we raised 12 and a half thousand pounds for the National Autistic Society. A charity who provide help and support to families who need it. Families like mine.

The AUT:CTION project exists for a few reasons. Because autism acceptance is my bag. Because I need my son to live in a world where he is not only understood but accepted, because the National Autistic Society does important work for awareness and need funds to be able continue supporting families, and because of my own sense of being able to do something. Anything. To give myself a project. And for the first time in my life I feel like this is exactly what I’m supposed to be doing. 

I have left the Just Giving page open so you can make a donation if you wish to. The AUT:CTION is over for another year but the need for funds continues. If you can, please, do.

Ned doesn’t understand AUT:CTION and what happened here this week but I promise you that if he could he would say thank you. So until then, I will do it for him. Thank you 


One thought on “AUT:CTION 2

  1. I follow you on Instsgram for a while and read the blog. I have two sons nearly the same age as your cuties 😀. When I read about the dolls it was an easy decision to order one. It looks great and I can help with the money.
    I think you do a great job as mum (your husband of course, too)!
    I wish you all the best, God bless your family.
    Many greetings from Christiane (Saarburg, Germany)


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